Marketplace Overview: Bonanza

Year established: 2008 Product types: Fixed Price listings, general merchandise

Overview is a fast-growing online marketplace headquartered in Seattle Washington. Relative newcomers to the eCommerce scene, the Bonanza marketplace consists of over 15 million items where sellers offer everything from Isometric sunglasses to Bieber perfume. Bonanza is a profitable company, and is used by merchants and shoppers located in nearly every country around the world to sell products in every category. Bonanza currently empowers more than 40,000 entrepreneurs to create their dream businesses, minus the busywork. Built “by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs,” Bonanza understands what it means to be too busy for inconvenience.  Bonanza removes the technical expertise needed to build a profitable online business, making the joys of entrepreneurship accessible for all.

Pros and cons for online sellers

Bonanza pros

  • Low fees that only apply when user makes a sale
  • Every listing is automatically sent to Google and Bing Shopping
  • Easy-to-use import features for eBay, Etsy, and Amazon listings

Bonanza cons

  • Lack of brand name recognition
  • Options for customizing the layout of specific listings can be limiting
  • Item inventory is generally smaller than big-name competitors

Selling Tips

There are many different ways to go about selling items online. Here are a couple things to keep in mind when selling items on Bonanza:
  • Save time getting started on Bonanza by using their time-saving tools. Bonanza has a great importing system that automatically imports and syncs your item listings from an existing marketplace you use, like Amazon or eBay. If you are listing items online for the first time, Bonanza allows you to edit multiple items at once.
  • Use Bonanza’s item description drop-down menus to add specific item description details. These are the categories that shoppers use to filter their searches, so it will bring you more relevant traffic and shoppers.
  • Use Bonanza’s Background Burner to replace the background of your item photo. Having a clean, blank background gives your item photos an added level of professionalism. On top of that, many online marketplaces require an all-white background for their item photos.

Seller Ratings

bonanza1 bonanza2 Every year, eCommerceBytes conducts a survey of thousands of online sellers. The top marketplaces are rated by their users based on several categories. Bonanza’s results from 2017 are as follows: Profitability: 5.53/10 Customer Service: 6.11/10 Communication: 6.22/10 Ease of Use: 6.16/10 Would Recommend: 6.21/10

Details and features

Refer to the table below to get a sense of the various details and features for sellers on Bonanza. SELL ON BONANZA
logo_bonanzaBonanza   Learn More About Bonanza | Start Selling on Bonanza
Free Gold Platinum Titan
Bonanza Fees and Pricing
Fee per month $0 $24 $55 $166
Fee per sale 3.5% of sale price 3.5% of sale price 3.5% of sale price 3.5% of sale price
Fee per listing $0 $0 $0 $0
Traffic and Online Engagement
US Site Rank 1,331
How many monthly unique visitors? 8.2 million
How many unique visits per seller? 205
What is the site’s bounce rate?  49%
What is the daily time spent on the site?  4:31
Store Policies and Customization
Can I customize my storefront? yes1 yes1 yes1 yes1
Can I offer discounted listings? yes1 yes1 yes1 yes1
Can I create featured listings? yes1 yes1 yes1 yes1
Is there a public seller profile? yes1 yes1 yes1 yes1
Is there public buyer feedback? yes1 yes1 yes1 yes1
Tools for Sellers
Does the marketplace provide social media tools? no1 no1 no1 yes1
Does the marketplace provide options for shop analytics? yes1 yes1 yes1 yes1
Does the marketplace provide resources for success? yes1 yes1 yes1 yes1
Marketplace Support
Are there options to promote my listings or booth on the marketplace? no1 no1 no1 no1
Is email support available? yes1 yes1 yes1 yes1
Is phone support available? no1 no1 no1 no1
Is live chat support available? yes1 yes1 yes1 yes1
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