Compare Marketplace Support

Compare Marketplace Support

When choosing the best place to sell online, it is important to consider the various seller support resources each marketplace has to offer. Some online marketplace sites put a heavy emphasis on sellers and provide many different ways for a seller to be featured on the site, while other marketplaces offer limited ways of seller promotion.  In addition, if an issue ever arises, it’s good to know the various ways you can contact a marketplace. These are important factors that will help you decide where you will get the best value for the money you are spending on listing or membership fees. Before you choose a marketplace to sell your products online, consider the options to promote your items on each marketplace. Refer to the Marketplace Support table below to see an overview of the various support options of the top online marketplaces.
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Are there options to promote my listings or booth on the marketplace? Is email support available? Is phone support available? Is live chat support available?
logo_amazon Amazon   Learn More About Amazon | Start Selling on Amazon
Individual no1 yes1 yes1 yes1
Professional yes1 yes1 yes1 yes1
logo_artfireArtFire   Learn More About ArtFire | Start Selling on ArtFire
Seller no1 yes1 yes1 yes1
Webstore no1 yes1 yes1 yes1
Commercial yes1 yes1 yes1 yes1
logo_bonanzaBonanza   Learn More About Bonanza | Start Selling on Bonanza
Free no1 yes1 no1 yes1
Gold yes1 yes1 yes1 yes1
Platinum yes1 yes1 yes1 yes1
Titan yes1 yes1 yes1 yes1
logo_ebayeBay Learn More About eBay | Start Selling on eBay
Free no1 no1 yes1 no1
Basic yes1 no1 yes1 no1
Premium yes1 no1 yes1 no1
Anchor yes1 no1 yes1 no1
logo_ebideBid   Learn More About eBid | Start Selling on eBid
Seller yes1 yes1 no1 no1
Seller+ yes1 yes1 no1 no1
logo_ecratereCRATER   Learn More About eCRATER | Start Selling on eCRATER
Standard no1 yes1 no1 no1
logo_etsyEtsy   Learn More About Etsy | Start Selling on Etsy
Standard yes1 yes1 yes1 no1
logo_iofferiOffer   Learn More About iOffer | Start Selling on iOffer
Standard yes1 yes1 no1 no1
logo_storenvyStorenvy   Learn More About Storenvy | Start Selling on Storenvy
Marketplace yes1 yes1 no1 no1

Promoting your listings or booth

Some online marketplace sites provide the option to promote your items on their homepage.  However, most of these marketplaces will charge you some sort of fee, so be prepared to pay if you want your items displayed prominently on the homepage. Other online selling sites don’t offer the option to promote your items at all. This could be for a few reasons:
  • Many of those sites have curators or employees who sift through items and find great ones to feature on the homepage – free of charge!
  • Some online marketplaces reserve the option to promote your listing for sellers with paid memberships.
  • Others prefer for your items to be found organically, rather than suggesting items to buyers that could be irrelevant.

Ways to Contact Support

If and when you experience trouble using any of these online marketplaces, it is really important to know how to contact those who can help you.  Here are a few of the ways you might go about reaching out to a marketplace:
  • Email – this type of support is especially convenient for those selling items online because all of the information regarding your problem is easily accessible on the computer.  This is great when you have a question but don’t need help right away – simply send an email to the marketplace’s support team and go about your day while you wait for reply.
  • Phone – when you have an urgent or complicated situation, verbal communication can often be the most effective way to solve your problem.  Phone support is excellent for those situations where you need to explain what’s going on, and have trouble doing it in an email.
  • Live Chat – this method is becoming increasingly popular and is great for when you are busy doing other things but need immediate assistance.  With live chat, you aren’t stuck on the phone with someone and can multitask while getting your problem solved quickly.


Although you hope everything will go smoothly when selling online, sometimes you will need to reach out to your marketplace for assistance with an issue.  It is important you be able to quickly get in contact with a representative if you ever have something go wrong.  This data can give you an idea of how easy it will be to contact an online selling site’s support team, as well as how willing they are to support you as a seller by promoting your listings.