Compare Store Policies and Customization

Compare Store Policies and Customization

When choosing the best place to sell online, it’s important to consider what level of customization each marketplace offers. Some online marketplaces allow sellers to discount certain items or customize the look of their store, while others prefer to control pricing elements and provide a more uniform store appearance. While some sellers don’t mind having a standardized store layout, others prefer to be creative with the look of their store. Similarly, some sellers are glad to have a marketplace that sets specific boundaries for discounting and featured listings, while others wish to set their own guidelines regarding those elements.

Before you choose a marketplace to sell your products, decide the various custom features that could be important to your store. Refer to the Store Policies and Customization table below to see an overview of the different ways to customize your online store.

Store Policies and Customization
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 Can I customize my storefront?Can I offer discounted listings?Can I create featured listings?Is there a public seller profile?Is there public buyer feedback?
logo_amazon Amazon   Learn More About Amazon | Start Selling on Amazon
logo_artfireArtFire   Learn More About ArtFire | Start Selling on ArtFire
logo_bonanzaBonanza   Learn More About Bonanza | Start Selling on Bonanza
logo_ebayeBay Learn More About eBay | Start Selling on eBay
Basicyes1yes1up to 4yes1yes1
Premiumyes1yes1up to 4yes1yes1
Anchoryes1yes1up to 4yes1yes1
logo_ebideBid   Learn More About eBid | Start Selling on eBid
Selleryes1no1variety of options, $0.18 – $2.50 per listingyes1yes1
Seller+yes1yes1variety of options, $0.18 – $2.50 per listingyes1yes1
logo_ecratereCRATER   Learn More About eCRATER | Start Selling on eCRATER
logo_etsyEtsy   Learn More About Etsy | Start Selling on Etsy
logo_iofferiOffer   Learn More About iOffer | Start Selling on iOffer
Standardno1no1variety of options, $3.00 – $19.95 per listingno1yes1
logo_storenvyStorenvy   Learn More About Storenvy | Start Selling on Storenvy

Customizing Your Storefront

One of the most effective ways you can appeal to shoppers is to customize your storefront. There are many options you can explore to celebrate individuality on your ecommerce platform. Some of the most popular are to use a unique layout, a tailor-made banner, or prominent placement of your brand’s logo.

While most online selling sites give you some freedom to customize your storefront, most choose to use a standardized look. Here’s why:

  • Some marketplaces offer storefront customization as an additional perk offered to sellers with paid memberships
  • Some prefer to put all the focus on the products, rather than on the seller
  • Some like to keep a uniform look and design of the marketplace site-wide

Discounted Listings

Discounting your items can be both good and bad for your online business. Because they can be controversial, some marketplaces do not provide the option to discount. Offering a discount can be a great tactic to use in your store for a couple of reasons:

  • New customers will be interested in saving a few bucks, which could lead to additional purchases and a higher sales conversion for your store
  • If you have any items that don’t seem to be flying off the shelves, offering a discount is an easy way to get rid of your less popular items

However, although offering a discount is easy and may seem like a no-brainer, it is not always a positive choice to make as an online seller. There are some downsides to discounting your items, some of which could be:

  • By lowering the price of your product, shoppers might think that your product is worth less than the original price tag. Over time, this tactic could devalue your brand.
  • Once buyers know you aren’t above a good discount, some buyers will wait to purchase until your items are discounted.

These mixed feelings about discounted listings could be one reason why some marketplaces don’t offer discounts as an option. However, when done carefully, discounting items can be a great tool to use for your store.

Featured Listings

One way to draw attention to certain items in your shop is to use featured listings. These listings are typically the first listings displayed when someone visits your booth or store. Featured listings often have style differences that distinguish them from the rest of your listings. You can use featured listings for a number of reasons, including:

  • Most popular or bestselling items
  • New arrivals to your store
  • Low performers that you’re struggling to sell.

While some online marketplace sites offer the option to create featured listings, others either provide featured listings for paying members only or don’t allow them at all. No matter the type of item you’re selling, featured listings can be an effective way to control the exposure your items receive.

Public Seller Profile

Online shoppers are influenced by many different factors, but one of the most widely recognized is trust. A survey conducted by a sales development firm in 2014 found that 60% of shoppers cite “trusting the supplier” as the number one reason for purchasing.

One way to build trust with your potential buyers is through a public seller profile. Your profile is a perfect opportunity to share more information about yourself to your future clients. The more information you are willing to share with buyers, the more transparent your business becomes. By developing a strong seller profile, you can share your mission statement, future goals, and provide buyers with a feeling of who you are.

Public Buyer Feedback

An equally important way that you can build trust between you and your customers is by publishing the feedback you receive from buyers. The reviews given to you from past clients can serve as proof of a great purchasing interaction.  When you build rapport with past customers, future customers have a better idea of what to expect when they do business with you.

On the other hand, if you have an unhappy customer, he or she could write a negative review that could damage your brand and affect your future sales. Having public buyer feedback will keep you accountable, because you know that the results of their interactions with customers can be easily broadcast.


All in all, most online marketplace sites have a variety of customization options to help you succeed. These tools are in place to enhance your online store, but it is important for you to test out these features on your store and see what works best for you.