Compare Tools for Sellers

Compare Tools for Sellers

When choosing a place to sell your products online, there are many factors to consider. Some of the most beneficial factors are the additional tools a marketplace offers to ensure success for its sellers. Some online marketplaces allow sellers to integrate social media with their shops or provide shop analytics that can be helpful for sellers to analyze the effectiveness of their business models. Other marketplaces provide information and tips in order to educate their sellers on a variety of eCommerce topics and increase their chances of success. Before you choose a top online marketplace to sell your products, consider the potential options for tools that each marketplace provides. Refer to the Marketplace Tools for Sellers table below to see an overview of the various tools offered by each of the top online marketplaces.
Tools for Sellers
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 Does the marketplace provide social media tools?Does the marketplace provide options for shop analytics?Does the marketplace provide resources for success?Is the marketplace mobile-friendly?
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Social Media Tools

52% of online adults now use two or more social media sites1, so having tools to reach those online users is something for you to consider when deciding where to sell online. Some online selling sites have ways to post your listings on a social media platform like Twitter or Facebook. Others have a “Share now” feature that lets you or your customers post items.

While some online marketplaces don’t offer social media tools on their side, you can still utilize many features from the social media platforms themselves. Having some social media platforms and sharing news about your store and updated items with your followers will help your online business thrive.

Shop Analytics

Shop analytics are vital for you to best understand your customers and optimize your online business. You can see what demographics your customers fall into, and use that information to sell additional items that might appeal to those customers. You can also see what kind of traffic you’re getting, so you can find out where your visitors are coming from and use that source for marketing.

Resources for Success

Many online marketplace sites will offer you some form of seller success resources. These can be in several various forms:

    • Email series – some of the best places to sell online send out a series of emails that focus on a variety of topics to help get you started. They are sent periodically after you first open your store, which can help you stay on track with getting your store up and running.
    • Seller success guide – other online selling sites will send all the information about getting your store set up at once, so that you can peruse the information as needed. Some sellers move faster than others, so this can be good if you are a self-starter with an accelerated plan of action for your online store.
    • Help pages – in addition to these informational emails or guides, many online marketplaces will feature help pages for step-by-step instructions or frequently asked questions about how the marketplace works so that you can walk yourself through every situation at your own pace.


With 50% of ecommerce traffic coming from mobile2, it’s important for you to choose an online marketplace that is mobile-friendly. This is evident in a few ways:

      • The website navigation has been simplified for a smaller screen
      • The site’s design elements have been compressed or modified
      • Content might be laid out differently to optimize mobile interaction
      • Any action items or web forms are modified for ease of use

Choosing an online marketplace site that is mobile-friendly is very important in terms of online searching. Many search engines use mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This means that when users search for a marketplace on their phones or tablets, the sites that are mobile friendly will show up first in the search results. You want to be sure that your online marketplace ranks well in search results because that will help bring traffic to your online store.


There are many different ways an online selling site can help you succeed as a seller, including many that are not listed above. However, these features are all beneficial to having your own online store. This data will give you a sense of what tools each site has put in place to help their sellers be as successful as possible.