Marketplace Overview: Etsy

Year established: 2005 Product types: Fixed Price listings, general merchandise


Etsy was founded in June 2005 in an apartment in Brooklyn, New York. In the spirit of handmade, founder Rob Kalin and two friends designed the first site, wrote the code, assembled the servers and spliced the cables to get Etsy up and running. In 2008, Chad Dickerson joined Etsy as its first CTO, and created the company’s foundational engineering culture, treating “Code as Craft”. Chad became CEO in 2011 and began championing the “re-imagination of commerce,” a transformation of every aspect of how goods are made, bought and sold.

Etsy sellers range from hobbyists to professional merchants, and have a broad range of personal and professional goals. Some Etsy sellers just want some extra pocket money, while others depend on their shops to support themselves and their families.

Pros and cons for online sellers

Etsy pros

  • Seller profiles and store items are major focus of item listing pages
  • There are millions of unique visitors each month
  • Low bounce rate and high daily time on site

Etsy cons

  • Focused on niche items, but because of seller quantity, items are often overly abundant or impossible to find
  • High fee per sales accompanied by a moderate fee per listing
  • Does not provide many tips or tools for seller success

Selling Tips

There are many different ways to go about selling items online. Here are a couple things to keep in mind when selling items on Etsy:
  • Use high-quality photos that display your products from every angle. Etsy is perfect for handmade items, but sellers are sometimes weary of buying hand-crafted or individually produced items because the quality is unknown. Eliminate the fear of the unexpected by providing photos that capture the entire essence of your product.
  • Let your handmade brand shine from beginning to end. Because you are selling more personalized items, you have the opportunity to carry your brand through the whole buying process. Use your thank-you email and product packaging to further showcase your unique brand.
  • Treat customers with a great experience to encourage word-of-mouth marketing. Providing an excellent service will not only build repeat customers, but also get your customers sharing the word about your products with their network.

Seller Ratings

etsy2etsy1 Every year, eCommerceBytes conducts a survey of thousands of online sellers. The top marketplaces are rated by their users based on several categories. Etsy’s results from 2016 are as follows: Profitability: 6.31/10 Customer Service: 6.6/10 Communication: 6.19/10 Ease of Use: 7.4/10 Would Recommend: 6.92/10

Details and Features

Refer to the table below to get a sense of the various details and features for sellers on Etsy.


logo_etsyEtsy   Learn More About Etsy | Start Selling on Etsy
Etsy Fees and Pricing
Fee per month $0
Fee per sale 3.5% of sale price
Fee per listing $0.20
Traffic and Online Engagement
US Site Rank 43
How many monthly unique visitors? 22.9 million
How many unique visits per seller? 18
What is the site’s bounce rate? 26.2%
What is the daily time spent on the site? 9:37
Store Policies and Customization
Can I customize my storefront? yes1
Can I offer discounted listings? yes1
Can I create featured listings? yes1
Is there a public seller profile? yes1
Is there public buyer feedback? yes1
Tools for Sellers
Does the marketplace provide social media tools? yes1
Does the marketplace provide options for shop analytics? yes1
Does the marketplace provide resources for success? no1
Marketplace Support
Are there options to promote my listings or booth on the marketplace? yes1
Is email support available? yes1
Is phone support available? no1
Is live chat support available? no1
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