Marketplace Overview: Storenvy

Year established: 2010 Product types: Fixed Price listings, general merchandise


On one side, Storenvy is a series of online stores run by independent store owners. Stores are fully customizable, with a feature-rich store admin panel, and completely free.  Founded in 2010 with Storenvy Marketplace launching in 2012, Storenvy is headquartered in San Francisco. Storenvy storefronts are perfect for clothing companies, bands, crafters & artists, nonprofits and anyone else who has something to sell. Their platform allows the everyday person to sell their goods online without any programming knowledge.

Pros and cons for online sellers

Storenvy pros

  • No monthly or listing fees
  • Countless options for customization
  • Bounce rate is fairly low, considering that Storenvy is relatively new

Storenvy cons

  • Buyer feedback of sellers is not publicized
  • Fees per sale are moderately high
  • Unique visits per seller are relatively low

Selling Tips

There are many different ways to go about selling items online. Here are a couple things to keep in mind when selling items on Storenvy:
  • Be sure to select the correct category for your items. A lot of shoppers who come to Storenvy are looking to browse the site and see what’s there, rather than searching for a specific item. If your product is something they would love, but isn’t in the category they’re browsing, they’ll never see it.
  • Don’t steal traffic from other Storenvy users. The Storenvy community is a positive and encouraging place, and leaving links to your store on another store’s page or items, is not appropriate on Storenvy.
  • Keep your customers in the know. Is your store going on hiatus? Only accepting custom orders? Make sure you share that information on your storefront.

Details and Features

Refer to the table below to get a sense of the various details and features for sellers on Storenvy. SELL ON STORENVY
logo_storenvyStorenvy   Learn More About Storenvy | Start Selling on Storenvy
Storenvy Fees and Pricing
Fee per month $0
Fee per sale 10% of sale price
Fee per listing $0
Traffic and Online Engagement
US Site Rank 2,062
How many monthly unique visitors? 1.3 million
How many unique visits per seller? 32.5
What is the site’s bounce rate? 39.7%
What is the daily time spent on the site? 4:24
Policies and Customization
Can I customize my storefront? yes1
Can I offer discounted listings? yes1
Can I create featured listings? no1
Is there a public seller profile? yes1
Is there public buyer feedback? no1
Tools for Sellers
Does the marketplace provide social media tools? no1
Does the marketplace provide options for shop analytics? yes1
Does the marketplace provide resources for success? yes1
Marketplace Support
Are there options to promote my listings or booth on the marketplace? yes1
Is email support available? yes1
Is phone support available? no1
Is live chat support available? no1
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